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Empty Room Escape

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EmptyRoomEscapeEmpty Room Escape is the most difficult and at the same time most interesting edition of the game where you have to use your logic and brain to escape from the room. The storyline of the game is rather simple - you are imprisoned in a small room. The door is locked and the only way to escape is to use different tools like screwdrivers,pliers and others to make your way out. Everything in the room is connected to each other - every image,every code that you may see must be used somewhere to open up the case or safe. Some of the codes may be hidden inside the barcode or QR code, just take your time and examine every piece of the room and furniture. Remember that only few people can complete this difficult quest and escape from the empty room. The Empty Room Escape game is rather tricky game and require a lot of time to solve all puzzles. Are you the one who can complete it right now ?